Claude Moore Jeweler offers one of the most competitive diamond
trade-up policies you will find.

With our lifetime diamond trade-up program, we will trade your Claude Moore Jeweler diamond at 100 percent of its original cost, plus we will split the appreciation.

What does that mean? That means if the price of the diamond has increased since you purchased it, we will not only give you what you paid, you will also get half of the additional value as well.

This policy applies to any diamond weighing more than 0.25 carats that was purchased for a ring, pendant, or diamond stud earrings. This means you can buy according to your budget now then come back at any time when you’re ready for a larger diamond or a diamond of better color/clarity. This policy applies to the original purchaser only and it is not transferable.

Make an appointment today to discuss options with upgrading your diamond, your ring, or both!

Please Note:

Our upgrade policy applies to diamonds only and does not apply to the ring, pendant, or earring mountings. Depending on the condition of the mounting, it may be traded in for resale or scrap value.

The value of the diamond being purchased must be greater than the value of the diamond being returned.

Your diamond must be in its original condition, any damage to the original diamond may disqualify it from our upgrade program.

If the diamond came with a GIA or AGS grading report, that must be turned in with the diamond to be eligible.